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Nervous about this but I can write very well →


So, I’m stuck looking for some kind of work (going to take a peek into the world of retail work)

I’m opening up for Glee commissions and will seriously write for any couple that doesn’t involve real life people. I am generally pretty quick (two weeks for 1500 words or shorter) but will let you…

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Could possibly be deleting this account within a week

I just seem to have lost the joys of living, I know that sounds awful but that’s how I feel right now.

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Ohio Pictures Tomorrow

Out of practice at this, actually trying to consider whether to still do this gallery or not since everyone out there is doing the same thing with GIFs

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Glee : 5x09 : Frenemies

Elliot and Kurt
For all my Season 5 images of Elliot and Kurt please follow the link:

(t-nd: I am a Klaine shipper, I do not tolerate Klaine bashing on posts. I dislike hating on things altogether but I am a klainer who supports a starkurt FRIENDSHIP)

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Glee : 5x09 : Frenemies

Rupert Campion - Peter Facinelli
More Pictures Here:

Starchild/Elliot Gilbert - Adam Lambert
More Pics Here:

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